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Youth Group

Youth Group Program
Our youth program introduces young people to the process of independent spiritual exploration. More than just an opportunity to go bowling and eat pizza, the South Church Youth Groups are structured around the ideals of fellowship, worship, and education. These ideals are expressed in a variety of activities designed to foster healthy group dynamics, challenge one’s understanding of faith in relation to personal identity, and provide opportunities for spiritual growth and reflection in a relaxed, fun, and welcoming environment.

Many opportunities for youth fellowship, music, service, and education fill our calendar. The annual youth overnights, Day of Service, apple pie baking, Gingerbread House decorating, Youth Giving Event, snow tubing, Confirmation Retreat, SkyZone trampoline adventure, and Open Mic Night are a sampling of our youth programs.

Youth Group
Monday Night Youth Group Meetings
Youth Group gatherings are held on Mondays from 7:00-8:30pm. High School Youth gather on the first and third Mondays of the month, Middle School Youth gather on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. If there is no school on a Monday in Andover Public Schools, there is typically no Youth Group Meeting that evening. The youth continue to enjoy this time of fellowship and relationship building, a time and place where many feel they can just be themselves. Many youth invite friends to attend youth group activities – church membership is not required. Our youth do a phenomenal job of extending South Church’s welcome to the larger community.

Youth Outreach
Service is a key component of our Youth Program. Our church sends a well-prepared and hardworking team of High School Youth and adults on a Mission Trip to John’s Island, South Carolina. The trip is scheduled during Public School April vacation week. This week is transformational! Service opportunities continue each summer through Summer of Service (SOS), a Haystack Award winning program, which provides community service opportunities for Middle School and High School youth. SOS provides hands-on assistance to organizations which provide charitable social service and seek to correct injustice.

Throughout the year, parents can be involved in Youth Group activities by volunteering to chaperone and carpool for events. Be present however you can! We are so grateful to be partnering with you in raising youth, who are shining examples of Christ’s love in the world.

Youth Group
To support youth service in the community, fundraising is a significant part of the Youth Board’s mission each year. Key events are: Fall Car Wash, Apple Pie Baking and Sale, Cupid’s Cabaret youth talent show, and intermission snack sales during the South Church Players’ musical. We are so grateful each year for the congregation’s continued faith in our youth. Help us keep the “fun” in fundraising! Check the South Church Calendar for the latest scheduling. Youth can be friends on Facebook at our South Church Youth Group on Facebook!

Contact Brenda Cronin, Chair of Youth Board, at for more information and ways to be more involved.

Finally, we look to inspire the youth to be good to each other, and do all the good they can in the world. Our youth continue to inspire the congregation to live Christ-centered lives.

A Youth Group Member shares...

"Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was lost. And not the type of lost that can easily be found again. She was lost in her own mind, a place where no one could find her, a place that she didn't know how to leave, or who to go to to ask for help. She couldn't seem to see the light, no matter where she turned. Then one day an angel came to her and asked her a simple question: did she go to church? She replied with a smile, saying that she simply had never thought about it. So the angel took her to south church. And suddenly something changed in her. She realized that this new place was her safety, a haven where people of all different backgrounds and faiths and struggles could come together to grow in God's love. If it wasn't for south church, she would never have known what could happen when she had such an amazing community of people standing next to her, growing with her, going through their own pains. The music set her free. The sermons filled her mind with wisdom and strength. And when she strayed from her faith, questioning if it was all worth it, well, south church was still there. It was always there and with it, God's love. She realized that her community was something that she could count on, and her faith grew stronger everyday. She believed. She loved. She forgave. And most importantly, she healed. South Church has done more for me than even I can understand. It's hard to put into just one or two words but I think you all deserved a proper story. This is the story of how south church saved a girl. That girl, who is standing in front of you today, is more than thankful to south church and everyone that has touched my life. I couldn't be where I am today without any of you, and without God to lead my way. So thank you."
            - Delilah Kaufmann-LaDuc, Youth Group Member and Witnessing Steward,
             shared during a worship service

confirmation service
Confirmation Service