“To me, faith and service are intertwined, and very challenging to live! Joining the Board of World Service has been a way for me to 'live the questions' in a community of fellow seekers, believers, doubters, and questioners. It's also a wonderful way to make new connections and strengthen old friendships while very gradually, hopefully, living towards the answers.”        - Evonne Yang, Board of World Service

Bread and Roses
Bread and Roses is a local mission in Lawrence serving a hot meal five nights a week to individuals and families. Over the past 3 years, Bread and Roses has seen a large increase in the number of their guests, particularly at the end of each month. Volunteers from South Church prepare and cook a hot meal every 3rd Saturday and 4th Thursday of each month from 1:30pm – 2:30pm. We also serve, set up and wash dishes every 4th Thursday from 4:30pm – 7:15pm. Individuals and families with younger children can sign up to prepare and cook but you do need to be 16 years or older to serve. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve our neighbors in the Merrimack Valley.

Day of Service
Day of Service is a community volunteer day where we welcome all to come and serve others and our greater community. We will have approximately 20 different service projects including sorting donations, cooking meals, making crafts, building, raking, singing, and more. All ages are welcome so plan to bring your family, friends, and neighbors. You can serve all day or drop in for an hour. New ideas are welcome and donations are appreciated. The Day of Service kicks-off with a continental breakfast and singing before we fan out to our various project sites around town.

Day of Service Day of Service Day of Service
In the parable of the good samaritan, Jesus teaches us that our neighbors may be different from us, they may not be who we expect. If we are to truly love our neighbors, we must serve them and lift their burden. Often our lives are so busy that it feels impossible to find the time to volunteer. On this Day of Service, we hope that everyone has a chance to use their skills and talents to assist others. By welcoming the larger community to come and serve with us, we hope to strengthen the bonds between all our neighbors.

Habitat for Humanity
The Board of World Service (BOWS) organizes several trips to the Habitat for Humanity worksite in Lawrence throughout the year. The Parker Street project is the largest and most challenging project that Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity has undertaken. It is still over a year from completion. The demolition is complete and now many volunteers are needed to work on the interior. The work generally starts at 8:00am and volunteers may commit for a full day or half day of work.

Local Mission Service Projects
The Board of World Service will organize additional group service projects throughout the year to support our local missions and other non-profit organizations. These projects are a great way to connect with other members of the congregation while serving our neighbors.

Neighbors in Need
Neighbors in Need, a food pantry that also serves the larger Lawrence community, provides food to hundreds of needy folks each week. Bring nutritious foods such as tuna, beef stew, peanut butter and other staple foods to help fill the red wagons in our narthex each Sunday. It is easy to help a little bit. All of us together can make a difference. The demand for food to help the hungry of Greater Lawrence has increased dramatically and supplies are dangerously low. Neighbors In Need is currently feeding well over 500 families every week! New families arrive at our pantries every day. Summer is always a very difficult time for food pantries. Donations often go down…so many of us are on vacation, schools are not doing food drives…and it is very difficult to keep the food coming. Unfortunately, hunger does not take a vacation. Please help us to refill our pantry.

Youth and Adult Mission Trips
The church helps to sponsor mission trips for South Church youth and adults. Past mission trip destinations have included John’s Island, South Carolina, Appalachia, and rural Vermont.

Mission Outreach Projects
South Church has a long tradition of mission and service to others, dating back to its strong support of missionaries, training of ministers at Andover Theological Seminary (now Andover Newton), and dozens of local, national and global missions, around the corner and around the world. Today, we directly support financially many programs and missions.

African School
Supporting our World
South Church member Heather Arvidson is serving in the Peace Corps in Swaziland, Africa where she has spent the last year.  Thanks to the generous support of South Church through the Board of World Service, she has helped to plan and see to completion the building of a preschool on the grounds of the primary school in her village of Bhekinkhosi – a large rural community in the middle of Swaziland. More information is available to learn about her life in Africa and the new school.